Countrywide Telecoms is an independent business communication provider. Our primary customer base is the construction industry and compared to other communication companies we have one sole focus: getting you connected as securely and as quickly as possible.

Our rapid site broadband solution ‘Site Connect’ is an ingenious wireless service, which provides rapid broadband and phone lines wherever installed, creatively combining and utilising specialist antenna technologies. This innovative product by Countrywide Telecoms provides a solution to a serious challenge that has been faced by the housebuilding/construction industry over many years.

Like any business, construction sites rely on internet and email to communicate quickly and effectively. They need quick, secure connectivity from the start of a project to order supplies, liaise with architects/planners, and communicate with your head office and your customers. Yet there is typically a nine month wait for a BT Openreach to fit a temporary basic ADSL line to your site cabin or sales office, adding unnecessary time and pressure to the progress of your project. Site Connect can achieve this in as little as 10 days, even in the most remote locations.

One of the biggest unseen IT costs to your business is an unmanaged communication network, which can waste a lot of your time talking to IT support or their time in travelling around the country to fix issues on site. Site Connect is supported by a remote monitoring system, so your connection is monitored by socialist engineers from our head office. If there is a fault or loss of connection, we are able to identify this and resolve the issue quickly, often before the customer is even aware to ensure minimum disruption to work flow.

Site Connect uses cloud based technology, meaning it’s ideal for deployment as a primary connection solution, where wired internet is not available. It also supports traditional wired-data networks like DSL or Cable for maximum network flexibility Presenting a compact, rugged 3G/4G/LTE networking solution designed for mission critical connectivity in even the most challenging environments.

In comparison to a typical communications service provider, unless you have requested a lease line, EFM or similar, service providers will normally provide a basic ADSL connection of up to 24mbps (speeds are heavily dependent on location). This may be fine for an average user, but as the technology used in sales suites and site offices rapidly advances, you may find this connection slow and unable to handle demanding applications. Since the launch of Site Connect in 2013, it has been continuously updated and is now on its fifth version. The original version could be used by 30 people simultaneously; the latest version supports 128 users. Broadband speed has increased from 30mb to 100mb per second.

Site Connect enables you to increase your internet availability and ensure maximum uptime with business continuity features such as failover/failback standard in the OIAB 600 Series. When configured, the router detects network failures and seamlessly switches over to another active connected data source – keeping your network online.

Key Features:

• Two Ethernet ports

• Integrated 3G/4G

• Rugged metal housing

• Wi-Fi 802.11

• Built in GPS

• Certified for shock and vibration in accordance with MIL STD 810G and SAE J145

• Dual band dual concurrent Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)

• Dual sim capacity • Integrated temperature sensor

With Site Connect, employees who are regularly on the move or out of the office will never be without essential communications. It uses the latest in 4G technology and doesn’t require the extensive cabling that traditionally comes with your ISP. This allows us to uninstall and reinstall your routers easily, and whenever needed, so that your staff are always online and ready to work. These nonintrusive installations provide a great amount of flexibility.

Site Connect is ideal for managers with a network of sites. Using the very latest remote networking management software, we can ensure that all of your sites are online. In the event that a site goes offline, we are alerted instantly and will seek to rectify the issue that same day – no more calling service desks and being issued seemingly endless support tickets.

Site Connect offers many other applications for your network, including being used as a disaster recovery unit. If something happens to take you off line, your services can automatically resume by switching to our 4G router. This happens automatically behind the scenes without any user intervention, creating a seamless failover system which will keep you constantly connected.

For Construction site offices: Countrywide Telecoms installs our rapid deployment 4G solution router into the site cabin. The site manager now has Ethernet ports to network his printer, his laptop can connect to the highspeed connection and he can liaise with head office and contractors from his work laptop.

For the Sales Suite: Countrywide Telecoms installs a router into the show home, which allows the sales team to network their printers and have full high-speed connectivity for emails and VPN files. The fast, wireless installation is installed discreetly so that customers are unaware of its presence.

What happens when the build/development is completed or you need to move office? Countrywide Telecoms will arrive on site and collect any kit required. We will then hold it for you until you have decided on which site you need to use it next. When the decision is made, a new installation date is generated and the cycle starts again, providing seamless connectivity to sites and sales suites around the country.

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