Lisa Coulson, Construction Marketing Manager for British Steel, explains why quality steel is so vital within building and construction and explores solutions to common industry challenges.

We set out to investigate why steel is so important as a framing material for buildings, bridges and other structures, and how having a comprehensive network of UK service centres can ensure British Steel offers an expansive stock range that’s responsive to customer needs. The following interview with Lisa provides detailed insights.

Interviewer: What are the advantages of using steel rather than concrete for construction projects?

Lisa: We recognise how important structural steel sections are to the construction market, which is why we currently sponsor the BCSA’s ‘Steel for Life’ initiative. Steel brings numerous benefits, including quality, structural efficiency and cost effectiveness. In combination with its strength, its ductile property means it performs well in all environments and can absorb the energy.

Interviewer: There’s a perception that steel is only used in larger scale projects. Is this true?

Lisa: Not at all! We cater for all sizes of project from larger to smaller, helping our customers complete local projects on their doorstep. Our steel has been used in all sorts of structures from the London Shard to schools and hospitals throughout the UK.

Interviewer: How would you tackle the common industry challenge of logistics to ensure builders can access materials on a local scale?

Lisa: Our extensive distribution network of service centres ensures a nationwide service of stock and processed material – we stock all your steel construction products.

Interviewer: What makes British Steel unique to the market?

Lisa: We’re the only UK manufacturer of structural sections and we take pride in our work. Our people set the business apart as the team is always willing to help, working towards the common goal of ensuring quality and reassurance to the construction market.

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