One of the largest gatherings of London architects and BIM professionals in the UK to discuss the latest developments and trends in BIM and digital construction. With over 20 hours of CPD presentations, interactive panel discussions and training workshops with leading architects, engineers and BIM specialists, this is a must attend meeting in the calendar for 2018. 

Day One - 23rd October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.40 The Digital Construction Revolution: When Will BIM become BAU? Panel Discussion

  • Adoption of BIM
  • A new tech Savvy work force, where BIM is the norm?
  • Investment in this technology and what we can expect


11.20 3D Printed Buildings: An International Case Study

  • Developing the first continuous 3D printer for construction
  • Printing houses and making global headlines
  • Cement ink – is it really that simple?
  • The first 3D printed office building


11.40 Smart Cities: The Future of London: Panel Discussion

  • What is smart city?
  • The journey: Changes to the skyline and taller buildings
  • Investment and development: What are we already doing now for the future?


12.20 Digital Buildings and IoT: Case Study

  • Immersion and IoT
  • Buildings with embedded software
  • Network connectivity for the collection and exchange of data


12.40 Understanding of the Benefits of Information Management to Asset Management

  • The wider FM world
  • Government Soft Landings projects
  • On-going performance improvements in post occupancy and handover


13.20 A Buildings Role in Digital Communications: Case Study

  • Changing the way we see buildings
  • Digital marking: Will every building be a canvas?
  • Case Study


13.40 AV and VR in BIM

  • Virtual reality systems and headsets
  • Augmented and mixed reality in BIM
  • Investment in new technology: The future of the BIM and AV partnership


14.00 Using Technology in the Build Life Cycle

  • Sending your specifications to the computer: Load capacity, thermal performance and daylight optimisation
  • Reduction of printing costs
  • BIM in reality: Efficiency comes at premium


14.20 Computer Assisted Craftsmanship: Case Studies

  • Robotics and construction
  • Roads, fabricated structures and walls
  • Robots and 3D printing


14.40 The Impact of New Technologies: Panel Discussion 

  • Laser scanning
  • Analysis in 4D and 5D and point clouds
  • 3D Printing on site!


15.20 BIM: A Solution in Chaos: Case Study

  • Architect, engineer and contractor: Parallel working examined
  • Challenging how we share ideas and communicate
  • Realities of BIM usage: Trouble shooting for professionals


15.40 Retaining Model Intelligence from Concept to Construction: Cast Study

  • Section, elevation and sheet view
  • Object library and language, overcoming the pitfalls
  • Cloud connection
  • BIM: Driven by global trends


16.00 The Standard for BIM Objects: Already Outdated? Panel Discussion

  • The 2014 NBS Object Standard
  • A common approach to quality standards across the industry - encouraging consistency and collaboration
  • Defining a high quality BIM object for use with Level 2 BIM
  • Parametric geometric behaviour and standard facility management properties


16.40 Chairpersons Closing Remarks 

17.00  Close of Conference

Day Two - 24th October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.40 Pushing Boundaries with BIM

  • Big Data
  • Reducing Data wastage as standard
  • Limitations of a model based process: Physical and functional characteristics


11.00 Integrated BIM, iBIM or 6D BIM: Project Life-cycle: Case Study

  • Shift of focus on the upfront capital costs of construction
  • Understanding the whole-life cost of assets
  • Support facilities management and operations to drive better business outcomes
  • Data for optimal performance, energy performance and lifespan


11.20 Cyber Security and BIM: Case Study

  • An important consideration not addressed in the build industry
  • What dose the future hold
  • How will the law be changing for digital software development and data storage?


11.40 Using Technology to Reduce Waste: Case Study

  • End to end building life-cycle technology
  • Using BIM for construction waste reduction
  • Achieving sustainability targets


12.00 AI in the Build Environment: Panel Discussion

  • Cognitive computing
  • Future trends
  • Investment


12.40 Will Digitalisation of Construction Services Change Legal Requirements? Case Study

  • 2030 Construction law. What can we expect to see?
  • Examination of a futuristic case study
  • Expert advice to take into 2020


13.00 Knowledge Engineering: Case Study

  • Developing methodologies with software
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly for BIM explored
  • An engineering perspective


13.20 The Legal and Contractual Barriers of BIM: Panel Discussion

  • Contracts, the backbone of a construction project
  • BIM enabled project contracts providing the correct framework for BIM
  • Contract terms and the legal risks associated with BIM


14.00 Slussen Lock, Stockholm, BIM Unlocks Swedish Reconstruction: Case Study

  • BIM working methods and aspects of information delivery
  • The largest project to produce all design information digitally
  • Use of the cloud-based BIM data management platform BIMEye


14.20 I Don’t Have the Time to do BIM!: Becoming a BIM Believer

  • Objectives of the various roles on a project team
  • Cases for BIM for the various roles
  • Practical applications of BIM
  • Understand how various BIM tools and processes can contribute to the success of your project
  • How to plug the gaps to ensure success on projects


14.40 Dazzling with Data How we use Extracted Data for Quality Assurance to Keep Design Teams and Clients Engaged as Lead Designers.

  • Perception and expectation
  • Horizon visible
  • Pies, bars and graphs
  • Universal language


15.00 22 Bishopsgate, City of London – 4D: Case Study

  • The tallest building in the financial district
  • The complexity of the project: Deep triple basements, 57 lifts, complex interfaces and limited site access
  • Advanced 4D modelling and virtual reality applications


15.20 Intergeneration of BIM into Your Own Practice: Case Study

  • Where to start
  • An overview
  • Finding the correct level for your organisation


15.40 Chairperson's Closing Remarks 

16.00  Close of Conference


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