The Fire Safety Summit

Featuring CPD accredited conference presentations, training workshops and Q&A with the fire safety experts from local councils, contractors, developers and regulators to discuss the latest strategy and policy in fire safety across the UK. A must attend summit to acquire all of your CPD points and discuss policy with the leaders and influencers in fire safety. 

Day One - 23rd October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.50 The Future of Fire Safety

  • Outlook for building safety in London and the UK: What can we expect?
  • Tall building safety
  • Priorities for 2020


11.00 Building Regulation Review: From Contractor to Fit-Out

  • Adhering to regulations
  • Site safety and fire
  • Employer obligations
  • Fire risk assessments that are fit for purpose


11.20 Panel Discussion: Hear from the Local Councils

  • Social housing
  • Maintenance contracts
  • London in 2020 and fire regulations: The Mayors Mandate
  • Legislation, compliance, what you need to know!


12.00 Fire Detection, Fire Alarms, Fire Safety: Case Study

  • Using the right materials for a fire safe build
  • Flame retardants
  • Supply and fire safety in the UK
  • Council obligations and planning


12.20 The Role of New Technology: Case Study

  • How has technology advanced in fire safety systems?
  • Can technology make buildings safer?
  • The digitalisation of buildings and fire safety


12.40  Health and Safety

  • Governmental guidelines: Are they fit for purpose?
  • Training responsibilities
  • Duty holders


13.00 Strategic Fire Engineering: Panel Discussion

  • Defining a fire strategy
  • Ensuring the elements considered for a building work together
  • Site access and fire fighting infrastructure


13.40 Commercial Organisations and Fire Safety: Panel Discussion

  • Commercial building law and fire safety
  • University halls fire management
  • False alarm and drill management
  • The cost of fires on the construction industry


14.20 Workshop 1: Making Fire Safety a Priority During Every Part of a Building’s Life

  • The earliest planning process through to construction and completion
  • Buildings that will reassure those who live and work in them
  • Addressing fire safety before the building control application stage of development


15.00 Workshop 2: Cladding and Fire Safety

  • The removal of cladding from buildings
  • Fire safe replacements
  • Fire tests on building materials and structures. Classification and method of test for external fire exposure to roofs and walls
  • Understanding the catalyst


15.40 Workshop 3: Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems

  • Extinguish, control or exposure protection to prevent domino effects
  • Operations and site factors


16.20 Workshop 4: Understanding Fire Doors and Sprinkler Systems

17.00 Conference close

Day Two - 24th October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.50 City Infrastructure and Fire Concerns

  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • London city transport infrastructure planning for safety


11.00  Planning and Plan Submission

  • Fire safety standards are changing
  • What do you need to know for design and plan submission


11.20 Panel Discussion: Architectural Solutions to Fire Safety Problems

  • Architectural principals for fire safety
  • Designing in fire safety elements
  • Awareness in the industry


12.00 The Great Fire of London 1666

  • Evacuation planning
  • Evacuation within building design   
  • City planning and fire safety   


12.40 Procurement for Fire Safety

  • Recruitment – Hear from the industry bodies
  • Small and large scale procurement
  • Accreditation and endorsements


13.00  Physical Fire Safety Measures

  • Choosing the most effective measure for your building
  • Choosing the right measure for the building's occupants
  • Product testing


13.40  Local Councils and Housing Associations: Panel Discussion

  • Plans and mandates
  • Procurement requests
  • Contracting for 2020


14.20 Workshop 1: British Standards Institute (BSI) – National Standards Body

15.00 Workshop 2: Education and Training 

  • Costs and accreditations
  • What are the company obligations for training staff
  • Hear form the institution
  • Educating the next generation of builders, engineers and architects


15.40 Workshop 3: Chemicals and Fire Safety

  • Site chemicals and fire safety
  • The law around chemicals and site storage on site is changing
  • HSG168


16.20 Close


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