London Design Summit

London Design Zone

Day One - 23rd October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.40 The UK's Tallest Buildings, Architectural and Design Challenges: Case Study

  • Overcoming the common architectural problems of tall buildings
  • What can we expect from the future of all the UK's buildings
  • The Shard explained from an architectural design perspective


11.00 London 2020 Skyline: Panel discussion

  • City planning and design
  • The architectural impact
  • Challenges of designing “up”


11.40 Looking for Unique Potential Problems in Building Design

  • Technology for design, a help or a hindrance?
  • Architectural education, life long learning to improve buildings
  • Overcoming challenges: Effective multi-professional working in architecture and design


12.00 Best Practice: Panel Discussion

  • The formula for always getting it right: architectural design challenges
  • Client and design conflict resolution
  • Key elements of best practice for 2020
  • Hear from the architectural leads: Key messages


12.40 Fusion Architecture: Case Study

  • Amalgamation of the old and new: The real design challenge
  • How to renovate without loosing charm: London's biggest design problem?
  • The use of space and light within old buildings


13.00 Design materials: Case Study

  • What is the future of design materials
  • The industry leads 2020 vision for design procurement
  • Working with suppliers to achieve your design goals


13.20 The Light Problem: Panel Discussion

  • Inner city lighting challenges for interior deign
  • The design process and the effect of the lightened system on the user
  • Interior design and electrical engineering


14.00 Mixed Use Developments and Schemes: Panel Discussion

  • Designing to suit the ageing population
  • Maximising sustainability
  • Driving the demand for regeneration
  • The Mill Quarter, a landmark £30m project, Perth


14.40 Design for Well-being: Panel Discussion

  • How building design can effect users mental health
  • Are we paying enough attention to how buildings can make us feel?
  • The interior design role in well-being
  • The Barbican, London and Sky City, China


15:20 Bretton Country Park, Yorkshire: Technical Study

  • Architectural principals of the landscape
  • Designing buildings for the public
  • Arriving at the final award winning design


15.40 Cities of the Future, Challenges of Architecture and Design: Panel Discussion

  • With the urban population expected to double in 40 years, what are the design implications?
  • Undertaking holistic and sustainable transformation of architectural models
  • Creating a more dense metropolises that has high urban quality
  • An architects responsibility to offer residents a better quality of life


16.20 Disability Access and Design: Case Study

  • Disabled access in all existing and new build
  • The key design elements of assessable buildings
  • Legal requirements
  • Meeting public demand: Transport systems case study


16.40 Chairperson's Closing Remarks

17.00 Conference close

Day Two - 24th October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.40  World Leaders in Tall Building: International Case Study

  • What makes a world leading tall building
  • So much more than height
  • International architecture explained


11.00   The Tall buildings of the World: Panel Discussion

  • Hear from the worlds key players
  • International design challenges and comparisons
  • Burj Khalifa case study and other feats of tall design


11.20  3D Printing of Buildings: Case Study

  • Design challenges
  • Sustainability
  • City planning
  • Is 3D printing threatening the nuances of architecture?


12:40 British Institute of Interior Designers: Panel Discussion

  • Becoming a BIID Registered Interior Designer
  • Design practice
  • Key issues facing 2020's interior designers


13.00  Software for Interior Design: Case Study    

  • Costs and accreditations
  • Training and E learning
  • Hear form BIID


13.40  Interiors Intelligence: Panel Discussion

  • Bridging gaps in the Interiors profession
  • Fostering appreciation for, and connection between, the built environment and its occupants
  • Shared goals of the industry


14.20 Interior design: Supply and procurement: Panel Discussion

  • How the right procurement can innovate the project 
  • Finding the right supplier to foster the vision of the project
  • Hotel case studies: Chelsea College of Arts


15.00  Greenery and Foliage: Case Study

  • Keeping on the “green trend”
  • Foliage in interior deigns
  • Living walls and interior design

15.20 Interior Personality

  • Co-ordination with liveable and cohesive schemes
  • Art for the room not room for the art
  • Achieving sustainability, longevity, and style from the same products



15.40  Lighting and Interior Design

  • Lighting and the aspects of the space
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting


16.00 The Future of Interior Design and Architecture: A Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion 

  • Working together: Professional bodies outline joint working for 2020
  • Future requirements for both professional bodies
  • Joint working for architectural and design harmony


15.50 Chairperson's Closing Remarks

16.00 Conference Close

London Design Zone
London Design Zone
London Design Zone
London Design Zone
London Design Zone
London Design Zone


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