TrustMark is the only Government endorsed scheme for trades in and around the home. Registered Firms receive TrustMark accreditation after thorough vetting and on-site inspections to ensure they are committed to raising industry standards, and comply with our Core Criteria – the set of guidelines we issue to outline our expectations for all TrustMark members.
This accreditation helps firms to secure more business as they are able to help reassure customers that they are protected from rogue traders and are qualified to carry out work to a high standard. We are also the only ‘find a tradesperson’ scheme to cover all 3 cornerstones of quality: Good customer service, good trading practices and technical competence.
As a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise, we pride ourselves on continuing to invest in TrustMark, supporting the Scheme Operators and Registered Firms to improve consumer protection. To find out more, you can visit us at