What We Do

3D is our passion and we can deliver your future unbuilt environment, unmade product or unfurnished interior as a photorealistic computer generated imagery solution.

Who We Are

White Crow Studios is a nest of creativity. The studio has nurtured photographers, graphic artists and interior designers and turned them into experienced Visualisation Artists. We are constantly honing our art form with a combination of technological advancement and traditional artistic methods. White Crow Studios are based in the rural Cathedral City of Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Services include:

Architectural CGI

Commercial CGI

Internal CGI

Verified Views

Product CGI

3D Floorplans


Photographic Re-touching


Panoramic Views

Us Crows like to squawk so why don’t you pop in for a flying visit to our Nest and meet the White Crow team?

Or send us an email via [email protected], you can call us on 01543 258357