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10.00am Time to Focus on the Building as a Product

  • Value engineering results in performance gap
  • Building is a system but we assemble products rather than deliver an integrated system
  • Post Grenfell need to prove you built what was designed and that it works


David Frise, Chief Executive, FIS

10.50am ‘FLICKER – The Unseen Issue with LED’s

  • Learning Aims;
  • History of Flicker
  • Causes and effects
  • Health an Occupational hazards
  • Standards and regulations
  • Test methodologies


Paul Gregory, Global Specification Director, Dyson

11.40am Steel Windows – A New Generation

  • The importance of the steel window in Architecture over the last century and before
  • The characteristics of steel windows throughout history
  • The role of steel windows today with regards to the environment and sustainability
  • Legislation, standards and performance features governing steel windows
  • The future for steel windows, including the introduction of thermal breaks and the consequences for current day steel window specification


Peter Clement, Chief Executive, Clement Windows Group

12.30pm Top Tips on Managing Design In Construction

  • Understanding the design development process “the nature of the beast”
  • Assessing the impact & choosing the right process
  • Helping creativity & managing its impact
  • Working a “Design Management” process
  • Tips on collaboration


Nasser Alanizy, Development Director, Focus Building Group

1.10pm Revolutionising Restoration

  • Traditional brickmaking methods and regional brick variations across the UK and the impact these factors have
  • Practical guidance on how to choose the right brick for renovation, extension and new build projects
  • Brick types and sizes available and how to specify the correct brick type
  • The benefits of using traditional handmade bricks in conservation, heritage and new build
  • Problem solving


Ruth Hughes, UK Specification Manager, Imperial Bricks

2.00pm Title of talk: I Love Lamp 1.5 – Lighting for optimum wake and sleep

  • Explore the relationship between natural light and humans to unveil the real essence of what is Human-centric lighting
  • Understand the importance of understanding your built-in biorhythmic clock
  • How your environment can be set up to help induce the best possible sleep and wake cycle for optimum performance and wellbeing, be it for work or home
  • Why sleep matters for optimum performance during the day
  • Why daylight matters for optimum sleep during the night


Kam Dhatt, Director, Onlight

2.50pm Designing an Office for the Future - Activity Based Workplace


May Fawzy, Design Director & Founder, MF Design Studio, BIID Member

3.40pm Close

10.00am Standards and Why They Matter

  • What are standards?
  • Are they our friend?
  • What if we don’t use them?


Joe Cilia, Technical Manager, FIS

10.50am Optimising / Maximising Value of Utility Connections

  • What should the customer expect from their provider?
  • What are the risks and how can these be managed?


Richard Atkinson, Strategic Development Director, Energy Assets Utilities

11.40pm An Alternative View of Fair Payments

  • Working Capital Optimisation
  • Fairer Payments to Sub-Contractors
  • Automated Data Reconciliation
  • Closer Supplier Relationships


Tim Chambers, Head of European Partnerships & B2B Sales, WEX

12.30pm EEBS – CIS Payroll Compliance – Could the end of self-employment be on the cards?

  • Introduction: Construction & self-employment within the industry
  • Understanding compliance issues and the risks contractors face in 2017/18
  • Pimlico Plumbers, the Gig Economy and the goverments’ Matthew Taylor Review
  • Employment Rights tribunal fees update
  • How to save time, money and stay 100% HMRC compliant.


Nick Pilgrim, MD & CIS Payroll Compliance Specialist, EEBS Limited

1.20pm Building & Site Security

  • Understand the threat to security for different types of building and sites
  • Understand the different perimeter security products available, including intruder detection and deterrent systems and integrated security technology products
  • Understand how to select the right product depending upon the security threats and risks associated with the site
  • Understand the security technology products available and how they can be integrated and combined with physical security 
  • Understand how installation impacts the overall budget and how savings can be made by selecting the most appropriate perimeter solution


Steve Bailes, Business Development Manager, Zaun Group

2.10pm Raising Standards in Property Preservation

  • An overview of the current standards in Basement Waterproofing
  • Recent changes in ‘specifications’ to reflect failures in ‘new-build’ Basements
  • Samples of failures and how they occurred
  • Practical advice on Waterproofing Methods


Richard Walker, National Sales and Business Development Manager, Peter Cox Ltd

3.00pm Close