The London Build Sustainability Summit brings together the experts leading the way in sustainability in construction projects across London. The summit offers a two day conference with a jam packed speaker line up of senior figures from contractors, developers, architects and industry bodies, CPD accredited training workshops and interactive panel discussions. 

Day One - 23rd October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.40 Buildings in 2030: Case Study

  • Health, well-being and productivity
  • Building performance
  • European Climate Foundation and the Climate Works Foundation


11.00 Sustainability as a means of establishing a true sense of corporate purpose

  • Corporate purpose as an underlying objective, which unifies all stakeholders and embodies its ultimate role in the broader economic, societal and environmental context
  • A companies sense of identity, function, markets and competitive advantage that help to derive value and define its reason for being
  • The importance of leadership and culture in helping to define corporate purpose


11.40 Reducing Inequality and Achieving Sustainability: Case Study 

  • Long term goals
  • Mandates and legislation
  • What can the developers do?


12.00 Renewable Energy in Residential Builds, Renewable Energy Association: Case Study

  • Rainwater collection
  • Solar management in tall buildings
  • Can we use renewable wind power in an inner city environment?


12.20 Tideway London

  • The investment programme
  • Green bonds
  • using sustainability credentials to raise funds


12.40 One Angel Square, Manchester: Case Study

  • Achieving an "outstanding" building research establishment environmental assessment methodology (BREEAM) rating
  • Plant oil fed combined heat and power (CHP) power, utilising rapeseed oil from the Co-operative's farm
  • Sending excess power back to the grid


13.00 Sustainable Land Development: Panel Discussion

  • Habitat protection and creation
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable use of brownfield sites Ecology
  • BREEAM accreditation


13.40 Understanding the Challenges of Sustainable Builds: Panel Discussion

  • Sustainable development pitfalls and success stories
  • Eco build challenges
  • 2020 vision Vs Government regulation, could we reach harmony?


14.20 A BRE Case Study: Campus M Business Park in Munich

  • Achieving natural ventilation with high frequency lighting
  • Low energy usage meeting the requirements of the German energy saving regulations EnEV2004
  • Repurposing a contaminated sight
  • Space heating and highly efficient gas condensing boilers


14.40 Water Conservation: Case Study

  • Fitting displacement devices and flow regulators
  • Rain water collection and drought resistant species and organic mulches
  • Stockholm Water Prize
  • Water collection case study: The Millennium Dome


15.00 Future Water, The Government’s Water Strategy for England: Panel Discussion

  • Regulation and legislation
  • The flood and water management act
  • Flooding and the future


15.40 Higher Standards for Sustainable Homes: Panel Discussion

  • Developers: Complying with local councils code
  • Including requirements in development planning policy
  • Affordable housing and the Homes and Community Agency funding: Level 3 code requirements
  • The Level 3 energy standard and incorporating this in building regulations


16.20 Reducing the Initial Cost outlay of a Sustainable Build: Case Study

  • Cost management
  • Reducing cost
  • Headline cost concerns, longevity and return!


16.40 Chairperson's Closing Remarks

17.00 Conference Close

Day Two - 24th October

10.30 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10.40 Keynote: Sustainable Master-planning and Infrastructure

  • Sustainability assessment
  • New construction and the built environment life-cycle


11.00 The Councils on Sustainable City Planning: Panel Discussion

  • Are we moving to mandatory “green” legislation for buildings
  • City planning and refuse
  • Population growth and sustainability
  • Investment


11.40 Tackling Emissions in London, the Fight Continues: Panel Discussion

  • Constriction and Emissions
  • Planning the builds of the future
  • Developers responsibilities and troubleshooting


12.20 Management of the Environmental Risks of Construction: Case Study 

  • Water toxicity
  • Environmental chemical exposure
  • Legislation and regulation
  • The most up-to-date monitoring technology


12.40 The Use of Timber in Sustainable Construction: Case Study

  • Findings alternatives
  • Architectural challenges
  • Leading by example: Sustainable product sources


13.00 Passivhaus Trust: Panel Discussion

  • International recognition of the standards and methodology
  • Principals for adoption
  • Women in Passivhaus


13.30 What is a Sustainable Build?: Panel Discussion

  • Definition, community impact and relation
  • Accreditation
  • Build life- cycle


14.10 International Carbon Regulation: Panel Discussion

  • The international regulations are changing around emissions! Are you up to date?
  • How will our cities change?
  • Understanding the impact on the build environment


14.50 Dalby Forest Visitor Centre, North Yorkshire: Case Study

  • Sustainability in architecture
  • Using recycled materials: The challenges and implications
  • Better Public Building award


15.10 Sustainable London: Panel Discussion

  • An overview of our future city
  • City farming and food production infrastructure
  • Zero carbon homes
  • Global considerations for the city of London


15.50 Chairperson's Closing Remarks

16.00 Conference close


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