“London Build hosts one of the largest meetings for women in construction across the UK”



Construction and carpentry have traditionally been viewed as male dominated roles, and even today they're some of the most gender-segregated professions in the world. Over the last few year's there's been a significant increase in the number of women choosing careers in male dominated fields.

London Build took the initiative to provide an exclusive platform for Women in Construction at all their construction events. The next and largest meeting for women in construction takes place on 26th October in the VIP Lounge at London Build. The session will bring together and celebrate women and their achievements within the construction and built environment industries. It has been found more and more women are seeking a rewarding and challenging career and are finding one in construction. With construction and engineering being at the forefront of the UK skills shortage, this paves further opportunities which will be discussed during the show.

The gathering will commence with a panel discussion showcasing women's expertise in the industry. Speakers include:

  • Cristina Lanz Azcarate, London and South East Chair, NAWIC UK & Ireland
  • Maria Coulter, Managing Director, Construction Coach
  • Robert Baker, Senior Partner, Mercer and Co-President PWN Global
  • Kathryn Lennon-Johnson, Founder, BESS Built Environment Skills in Schools
  • Megan Robinson, Co Founder, Built by Both


We encourage all those involved in construction from all areas to join us on 26th October from 9.30am in the VIP lounge at London Build. This popular gathering of construction and design industry experts is proudly supported by NAWIC, Built by Both, Atkins Global, Young Women’s Trust, and the Pink Ribbon Foundation, along with many other female ambassadors from large construction firms. 

Come and learn of new opportunities and hear from the most influential women in construction through an interactive panel discussions and open debate with women paving the way in construction and design across the capital. Best of all THE MORNING TEA IS FREE!


"We had so many women in construction from all different backgrounds attending the women in construction afternoon tea in 2016, it was a fabulous opportunity for design managers, construction managers, architects, academics, engineers and clients to all have an opportunity to network and chat about the issues that shape the industry. I am really looking forward to this years event and would encourage all industries involving the built environment to promote this event to their staff."

Sarah Jane Stewart, Head of Sustainability, Atkins


"It is great to be back at London Build and continue to be part of an event which has rapidly stablished as a regular fixture of our industry’s calendar as well as NAWIC's own. Last year’s Women in Construction Morning Tea was a success and we are looking forward to building on it through our 2017 collaboration."

Cristina Lanz Azcarate, London and South East Chair, NAWIC UK & Ireland

Women in Construction
Women in Construction