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Benefits of Integrated BIM and Geospatial for Infrastructure Projects


More than 4 million excavations are carried out on the UK road network each year to install and repair various utility services. One of the main problems that are encountered when maintaining or repairing these utilities is not knowing the exact locations of these buried assets. Damage to these services causes practical problems that increase costs and delay projects, more importantly, it increases the risk of injury for utility owners, contractors and the public. 
The increase in the density of underground infrastructure in major urban areas makes the problem even bigger and worsening, as there is no information/data to pinpoint the exact locations of these services. 
As McKinsey and Company Suggested, the future lies in 5D BIM, which is 5 dimensional representation that includes a projects cost and schedule in addition to the spatial design in 3D. A 5D BIM platform allows designers, owners and contractors a better chance to identify risks earlier and thus to make better decisions. 5D BIM technology combined with Reality Modelling (RM) and Geolocation, offers a way of providing the full life-cycle BIM modelling that the British Government expects and will contribute to reducing public infrastructure costs over a life time of facility by considerable percentages. 
My presentation will address the benefit of integrated BIM and Geospatial for the infrastructure projects: 
• to register and keep existing asset information for future new projects to access the data and protect the services.

• to get the full benefit of BIM not only on building construction projects but also on infrastructure projects such as Crossrail, HS2, Motorways and tunnels.

• Can be used in building retrofit projects to put together as-is geometric BIM data and other necessary data into GIS and other mapping utilities. 

The benefit of integrated BIM and GIS on creating Smart Cities will be explained including the technology used to survey and mapping all these information, such as drones, 3D mapping tools, Laser Scanners, Total Stations and so on. The process of migrating information from survey tools and BIM environment will also be discussed.  

Sileshi Tesema, Senior CAD Tech/BIM Coordinator - Kier Group

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    Stuart Goddard
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