We are architects, designers, builders and thinkers.

OMNIDE is an architectural design studio seeking to address the rising demand of high-end quality design.

We are architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development and have an open approach towards constructive and multidisciplinary collaboration that enables successful delivery of projects.

OMNIDE was funded by two partners in 2013 in London.

We approach every project with quality and individuality; we are also driven by the combined and diverse experience of our experienced partners located in Amsterdam, Mumbai, Nairobi and Rome.

Over the years, Omnide has developed extensive experience in the residential, retail and commercial fields ranging from new builds to refurbishments and conversions both in the UK and around the world.


Every project is a journey where we seek a balance between aesthetics and function through spaces, textures, light and the individual’s personality and needs.

Our architecture emerges from an analysis of how human life evolves and changes. It is driven by the influence of multicultural exchanges, global economical flows and inventive communication technologies, we seek new ways of architectural and urban organisation. We believe that in order to deal with today’s challenges, architecture needs to explore new horizons and possibilities.

Each of our designs sees to provide an efficient bespoke solution with consideration of all details and variables involved. We are passionate about delivering modern and contemporary spaces that highlight the invaluable characteristics of an existing space while fusing them with new interior and contemporary finishes. We promote the use of natural materials over synthetic and local materials with global influences.


We deliver the best design solutions by developing ideas, taking into consideration existing historical layers and the peculiarity of the contest we are working on.

We have a design sensibility and a selective process that allows the client to gain understanding of the project, its costs and time of delivery.

The client becomes an integrated part of the process with a clear idea and understanding of the final product.

From inception to completion, we follow four steps to ensure that a clear goal is set and that our projects are delivered as envisioned by the client and ourselves.

  • Strategy

Understanding of the requirements and planning the development of the project.

  • Design

Presenting proposals which will deliver quality and create revenues.

  • Planning

Dealing with local authorities’ requirements.

  • Project Management

Managing construction and delivery of project within time, budget and as per design specifications.



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