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IF IT IS RAW, UNPROCESSED AND FROM THE GROUND, WE WILL TRADE ITCactus-Global Incorporated is a trader's platform and an Umbrella company to a group of independent trade structures (see The Cactus group below). These are structures Trading within and across geographic boundaries.'Cactus-Global Incorporated LLP ' is the UK tax base company with the sole responsibility to administer and coordinate all commercial activities of the the mother company and its growing network of global affiliate offices.The Cactus Group is made up of several independent business structures designed to identify sources of revenue through a charted funding path. They function jointly under the Cactus-Global brand name by pooling their resources together in order to create opportunities to deliver goods and services at speed .The Cactus community is an assembly of profit motivated and passion driven global merchants from diverse backgrounds. Its all about in-house networking comprised of a management team, traders, administrators, field agents, source suppliers and buyers Financiers, Logistics service providers all connected through the comprehensive Cactus database...,The Cactus Model thrives on a winning formula which brings markets, ideas and resources together with the support of our physical presence on the ground. We are leveraged to control risk in the supply process from locating produce source to structuring finance and organising logistics through the movement of the cargo to the point of transfer of ownership.Our goal is to establish a ''ONE STOP SHOP FOR THE RAPID DELIVERY OF RAW PRODUCE WITH SERVICES"??Our first financial quarter has yielded cumulative million dollar contracts across desk with a conservative projected end year turnover forecast in excess of $100 mill.
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