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for private homes, businesses and children sector in the London area. THE BEGINNING My journey into Art, strangely enough, started when I graduated as an Accountant – a career lasting all of 20 days, when I first discovered the deep conviction that I wanted to live a life doing only that which makes me happy. Shortly after some time “soul searching” I arrived to a point where the voice of my inner desire for painting could no longer be muted, and I truly realised just how strong a passion for the art world I had. Along with the support of my family, I was able to have the confidence to pursue my true calling in this industry. Thus, my story as an artist began to blossomed in my home country of Sardinia, Italy, in the year 2000 where I began by attended a number of painting and drawing courses, and then more in Rome also. As a result, my artwork progressed from smaller scale projects into larger wall murals, and frescos in private homes and restaurants in Sardinia. In 2005, I became a set-designer for an entertainment events company called EVENTI, producing a wide range of large scale wall designs and murals for upscale hotels and resorts in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt, as well as Tunisia, Greece, Zanzibar and Italy. It was in the year 2006 when I made the bold move to London to further develop my craft and heighten my profile. After just two years, I had gained over 200 customers including restaurants, coffee shops, upscale pubs, private homes, nurseries and hospitals. One of my most well known commercial projects has been a collaboration with Starbucks and Paul Sweeney, producing large scale wall murals for over 500 shops all over the UK and internationally in Paris, Switzerland and Austria, just to name a few. One of my more recent wall mural designs was for Ladbury Housing Association in order to beautify the local community, which made me feel a part of a larger and more important project that filled me with a great sense of purpose. ( click the link below to see the video of this project ) Bi6ozCaBY68/?utm_source=ig_ share_sheet&igshid= 4vpztoehk1ex&r=wa1 As well as overseas projects, over the recent years I have taken on a number of residential projects to help improve the area for local residents, promoting community spirit and togetherness. In 2010, I collaborated with a well know painter, Richard Bagguley, to produce fine art decorative works at the private residences of wealthy clients in Istanbul. My favourite projects are children murals, which is why I have worked for a number of nurseries and children hospitals in London including Whittington Hospital in Archway and Queensbury Nursery in South Kensington. I have also worked with various entertainment companies including collaborations with Nellie Shepherd for The Blue Peter TV Show and bespoke kids parties in the UK and Cote d’Azure. (I have also been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work for well-known Hollywood actors and actresses, and a bestselling UK writer.) Inexhaustible sources of imaginative projects and knowledge of many different customers has helped me to overcome the nostalgia of my beautiful island back in Sardinia and I now consider London my home.
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