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BSRIA is a consultancy, test and research company who is working with organisations to deliver sustainable, energy efficient, low carbon buildings and improve the built environment. As a member based non-profit distributing organisation BSRIA’s services are fully independent.   We do not distribute profits but re-invest in our on-going research programme.  This independence means that we provide: an objective approach and the most appropriate solution for you authoritative reports that are widely recognised and accepted innovative solutions to help give you a competitive edge BSRIA provide a unique blend of technical and technical and marketing capability which means that we not only understand technical issues but also how products and services fit into the market place. BSRIA Overseas offices in France, China and the US, providing local knowledge to complement our global oversight. BSRIA has: 60 years of research, consultancy and testing experience where we have seen and solved many problems for thousands of satisfied clients a turnover of £14.9 million 220 people with a depth of expertise across all industry sectors Offices in US, France, China and Bracknell and Preston within the UK. BSRIA serves the whole built environment chain from client to consultant, contractor and facilities manager.  We understand your needs as well as the needs of your clients, suppliers and partners.
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