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Buildington: Big, Beautiful Intelligent Building Data.

Buildington is London Property’s go to database, carefully crafted over a decade, and trusted daily as a valuable tool by the top property professionals. Buildington is not just Big Data: Buildington is Big Beautiful, Intelligent Property Data. Showcase your expertise and track record in property development, big or small, record milestones, link back to your website, build your network, in this easy and affordable property portal. Showcase your professional credentials and connect with relevant people. Because of Buildington's outstanding SEO ranking in online searches, you will appear at the top and be noticed by your main target clients.

Make Milestones Matter

Keeping your website up to date is a never-ending challenge. Exchanging contracts for a development site, gaining planning approval, appointing a contractor, beginning on site, topping up, or a completely sold project are all examples of project milestones that are sometimes overlooked in press releases or barely make it to the news section of your website.

We can give you a straightforward solution to reach a large audience and get your accomplishments noticed, allowing you to attract new land transactions, reach out to clients, and promote your activities. Not on the back page of your company's blog, but on a portal that your main marketing targets visit on a regular basis to search for key property info.

Our low-cost subscription plan will enable you to record and showcase your achievements, milestone after milestone, connecting with peers you like working with and reaping the benefits from the time and effort you've invested into assembling teams and delivering value and quality for customers and clients.

So that when the next opportunity comes up and the ideal client is building up the dream team, they can clearly see how you delivered that project which has become an industry benchmark. Your name will not be buried in a planning application form on the council's website, or on a press release in a forgotten blog. Instead, it will show up on a relevant Buildington Profile, at the top of a web search and connect to your profile and website. Bringing you new and exciting opportunities. Week by week.

If you want to take advantage of our free trial and discover how we can help you highlight the milestones reached in your property projects, email us now and we will provide you with an effective and affordable solution that you can test for free. In today’s world, you can’t afford to go unnoticed!


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