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MEB Media Publishing (UK) Ltd is responsible for bringing you Campus Estate Management magazine.

Campus Estate Management Magazine

Campus Estate Management now targets the decision makers at all education establishments from primary schools through to universities and colleges. The aim of the publication is to provide cutting and informative editorial to decision makers responsible for maintaining, controlling and building education premises.

Campus Estate Management provides its advertisers with a highly efficient and cost effective means of reaching a  massive, diverse and important audience. The magazine’s subscribers, combined with a carefully designed and  managed circulation profile ensures that its clients  advertising spend is maximised. If your company wants to be seen by over 35,000 decision makers then we are right for you.

Frequency Campus Estate Management will be produced and distributed quarterly in an A4 glossy format with issues being posted:

  • Spring issue - March
  • Summer issue - June
  • Autumn issue - September
  • Winter issue - December

A combination of leading international consultants, practitioners and journalists offer unique insights into the execution of building and maintaining the fabric for schools, academies, universities and colleges. Campus Estate Management provides meticulously researched in depth features, case studies, interviews and thought-provoking editorials to showcase best-practice when it comes to turning strategy into reality. It addresses the problems and challenges facing everyone involved in the development and preparation chain and in the process serves to produce more than a few answers and solutions.

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