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Introducing Modern Woman, the ultimate platform for empowerment. Founded by Rosie Coxshaw, it represents a cross-section of powerful mid-senior women from diverse industries, united by a shared vision of success. Our mission? To support, inform, and inspire women in business and the workplace to ensure no woman ever feels alone. 

At Modern Woman, we believe knowledge is power. That's why we offer a wide array of resources designed to propel your career forward. Through our engaging in person and virtual meetups, podcasts, masterclasses and live events you'll gain invaluable insights from trailblazers and industry experts.  

We understand every woman's career journey is unique. We wholeheartedly understand the challenges we face in the workplace, spinning lots of plates and still turning up to be our best selves.

We are also committed to the power of connections. Connecting you with accomplished mentors who will guide you every step of the way. Tap into their wisdom, experience success stories, and unleash your full potential.

Be Fearless, empowerment starts here. Join Modern Woman today and be part of our thriving community of strong, ambitious, and successful women. Together, we will shatter glass ceilings and defy expectations.



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