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We love the United Kingdom, it’s an amazing place to live. And the fact that there is an active LGBT+ community, offering lots of events and support, is the icing on the cake. But, being LGBT+ business owners & professionals ourselves, we noticed that there is not much support for us out there, let alone much focus on our needs as consumers.

So we decided to start OutBritain as a membership organisation for small to medium-sized businesses with and without an LGBT+ background.

Our goal is to offer business support through networking opportunities and training. Additionally, we want to give young professionals with an LGBT+ background access to mentoring, internships & career advice. We also want to raise awareness and promote diversity & inclusion which is why we decided to bring businesses & organisations from all backgrounds together in one organisation.

So, check us out if you’re interested in growing your business, start your career or simply learn more about and work with the LGBT+ community in an open, engaging & fun way. Whether you’re an LGBT+ professional yourself or looking to connect with the British LGBT+ community, OutBritain would love to have you as a member!

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