01 Jun 2022



TECHNAL is expanding its range of products with the launch of SOLEAL Next – a new series of windows and doors that use recycled aluminium and polyamide to reduce the products’ environmental impact.

Available in multiple forms, shapes and colours, the new range offers endless opportunities to architects and planners, with profiles available for both 65 and 75 mm modules.

The doors are available with concealed hinges, at heights of up to 3 metres, and offer the possibility to include a technical mullion as an option. This provides seamless integration for all kinds of access control features, such as sensors and cameras.

Other features and benefits offered by SOLEAL Next include both motorised and electro-magnetic locks for doors, while the windows can include a sensor system that sends a notification through an application when the casements are blocked. The tilting windows can be motorised to obtain optimal natural ventilation in each room, as well as ensuring the entry of more sunlight thanks to the finesse of the lines.

There is also the possibility of adding a tested and safe glass railing to window boxes, that ensures maximum indoor-outdoor transparency. The range also promises excellent thermal efficiency, with a U value up to 0.71 W/m²K, which translates into large energy savings as the need for air-conditioning and heating is greatly reduced.

SOLEAL Next products also rank highly regarding theft resistance – up to RC3 and PAS24. The doors within the collection possess additional protection properties, including bulletproof protection, panic closures, a finger guard option and the possibility of adding an innovative antibacterial coating to the handles.

The SOLEAL Next collection incorporates new handles from the EXCLUSIVE HANDLES COLLECTION and the slender profiles are available in all of TECHNAL’s exclusive colour palette, offering numerous options for customisation. With three unique designs in the SOLEAL Next range – SELECTION, TEMPTATION and PASSION – a wide range of aesthetics can be achieved.

All profiles in the SOLEAL Next range are created using Hydro CIRCAL®, an aluminium that is obtained by melting old windows at the end of their life cycle (post-consumption) or other objects with an equivalent alloy. This process reduces mineral extractions, avoids dumping waste into the natural environment, reduces energy consumption in the production process and limits CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

This a much more environmentally friendly product than primary aluminium and pre-consumer recycled aluminium, and contributes to a circular economy approach. With low thermal transmittance, using Hydro CIRCAL® can reduce emissions by more than 70% compared to the average carbon footprint of aluminium consumed in Europe, which is 8.6 kg CO2 per kg of aluminium.

At just 2.3 kg of CO2 per kg of material, Hydro CIRCAL® offers one of the lowest emissions on the market, contributing to prestigious environmental building certifications such as LEED, BREAM, WELL, VERDE, or LEVEL(s).

What’s more, SOLEAL Next is also made with multiple recycled components and is PVC-free. It is currently in the process of becoming Cradle to Cradle-certified and Dynamic Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) can be provided on demand.

Speaking on the launch of the SOLEAL Next range is XXX, XXX at TECHNAL: “This collection is our most innovative to date, containing multiple solutions with different designs, applications, openings, accessories and handles to suit any project.

“Importantly, the SOLEAL Next range puts sustainability at its core, and thanks to the Hydro CIRCAL® aluminium used, is able to deliver numerous exceptional features and benefits at a fraction of the carbon cost.”



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