• Complete planning reliability with the blaugelb Triotherm+ system.
  • Noise, Vibration & Dust monitoring. Redesigned. Pick up the smartest noise, vibration and dust monitor in the world.
  • Universal Brackets are designed for quick and easy support of electrical containment, pipework and other mechanical services.
  • KP Acoustics offers the full range of acoustic consultancy services from Architectural Acoustic Design to final commissioning supporting all RIBA stages from 1 – 7.
  • KP Acoustics Research Labs develops your internal capabilities with a wide range of bespoke and accredited training courses from year-long IOA diplomas to 2 hour high impact virtual or face to face se ...
  • Fast Trak

    31 Oct 2022 Gripple
    Gripple Fast Trak® is a rapid bracket suspension solution for mechanical and electrical services.
  • A time and labour saving fire rated cable fastener for direct suspension of cables to ceilings or walls.
  • KP Monitoring provides a range of cost effective packages for noise, vibration, air quality, and structural monitoring from £50 per week.
  • KP Acoustics Research Labs promotes innovation and knowledge exchange in acoustics, audio and noise control. Through our specialist expertise we can help your company develop its research and design c ...
  • The all-steel Trapeze Plus FR is supplied with stainless steel wire for the suspension of building services where fire resistance is required.  
  • Used in conjunction with Gripple Brackets for quick and easy support of all types of pipework within mechanical and plumbing services.
  • The blaugelb multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 is a pre-compressed 3-level sealing tape based on a special impregnated PU foam.


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