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26 Feb 2022

Marmox Thermoblocks - 100 Affordable Homes

Marmox Thermoblock Stand: H52

A Yorkshire groundworks and civil engineering specialist is making innovative use of the 600 x 100 x 65mm Marmox Thermoblocks in constructing the oversites across a development of over 100 affordable homes which are being craned into position as factory fabricated modules. Also used is Marmox’s versatile high-performance 360 adhesive, used to bed the blocks and bond their overlapping joints. This well proven installation method helps achieve the accurate alignment and stability necessary for the modules to be craned into position.

Alfa’s Senior Manager Site Services, Rick Harrison, commented: “Installing the Thermoblocks using the 360 adhesive is basically a very good product and there have been no actual issues. Once the course of Thermoblocks is complete we hand over to the developer’s site management team to install the modules.”

As well as combatting cold bridging where the inner leaf of masonry walls abuts the floor zone, Thermoblocks are also often utilised to support timber frame construction or at vulnerable upper floor junctions, including beneath parapet walls.

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