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London Build

Ellie Slade

As an ambassador for women in construction, Ellie stands as a beacon of empowerment in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Born into a lineage of strong, matriarchal women from Ireland and Liverpool, she embodies the resilience and determination that have characterised her family for generations. Ellie's career in construction is driven by a growing concern for the climate crisis. Hailing from a flood-prone town in West Yorkshire, she has experienced the impact of climate change first-hand. She is currently working for an Bristol-based consultancy twhich works on a range of projects and clients. Alongside her goal to support UK communities in future decades, Ellie is passionate about improving EDI in construction. Her belief that construction shouldn't belong to one demographic drives her to champion underrepresentation and allyship and encourage open discussions to promote diversity. Ellie believes in acknowledging the pioneering women of the past who broke down barriers in construction and to drive further changes for future generations wanting to enter construction. She views being part of a women-centric community within construction as crucial to this agenda. By accessing and engaging with this community through mentorship/mentee, storytelling, and solidarity, Ellie believes this creates an inclusive and empathetic space for women to share their unique experiences.

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