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Stand: A38
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The HAVSense Approach

The HAVSense system follows the standards required by ISO 5349, by using a triaxial system of sensors to measure vibration produced by a tool to achieve HAV/Hand-arm Vibration monitoring. Where the system is superior to traditional approaches is in its ability to measure the exact vibration dosage received by an individual, instead of estimating from inappropriate data. Dosimeters are the unique component, they sit comfortably attached to the hand inside or on top of a glove, and measure any vibration that the hand receives during a shift. This is a measurement of actual vibration. No estimating, timing or use of theoretical calculations, just ‘real’ vibration dosage. This means that all the variable ‘unknowns’ listed above become irrelevant, and operators can be sure they are being safely monitored and employers can be sure they are compliant with the law.


Tudor House
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United Kingdom
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