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Jodie Sawyer

Working in a predominantly male-dominated field like construction has been a rewarding yet challenging journey for me. As one of the few women in the team, I initially started my career in an administrative role. However, my determination, perseverance, and passion for the industry propelled me to progress steadily through the ranks. My ascent through the construction hierarchy brought me to bid writing. This role has not only allowed me to flex my administrative skills but also engage my analytical and strategic thinking. Being one of the only women in my team provided unique perspectives and insights into the industry. I've found that diversity is not only vital but invaluable in the bid writing process, especially in addressing ESG issues. Diversity brings different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints to the table. When crafting bids that emphasize sustainability, ethical business practices, and community engagement, a diverse team offers a comprehensive understanding of ESG issues. It ensures that bids consider a broader range of stakeholders, mitigating risks, and seizing opportunities. In a male-dominated environment, my presence underscores the importance of inclusion and gender diversity. I am an advocate for breaking down stereotypes and encouraging more women to join the construction industry. It is crucial that diverse voices are heard and included in bid writing to create innovative, sustainable, and responsible solutions. Working as the only woman in my team has given me the chance to champion diversity and make a difference in the construction industry, both in terms of representation and quality.

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