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Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors Lrd

  • | Diversity in Construction Ambassador
Ravi's journey through life is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and the fusion of two seemingly disparate worlds: construction and science. Despite his affinity for construction, Ravi's intellectual curiosity led him to pursue a degree in biomedical sciences. The world of scientific exploration and medical advancements held its allure, and he emerged as a graduate. Yet, as he ventured further down the path of scientific inquiry, he couldn't ignore the resonance of construction in his heart. In 2020, Ravi decided to heed the call of his true passion. He transitioned to the construction sector, marking a pivotal moment in his career. He brought his keen analytical skills, honed in biomedical sciences and the property industry, to the realm of construction, enriching it with innovation and a fresh perspective. Currently, Ravi is engrossed in renovating his own property, a personal project that giving testimony to his love of construction. Simultaneously, he's found a professional home in a land survey company, a role that provides him a gateway to an array of projects, both grand and intimate. Having found a place within the industry Ravi now wants to help others like himself that are either afraid of taking the leap, or just lack the knowledge of what jobs are out there, to enter the indsutry and pursue their dreams.

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