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Stand: B82
  • | BIM
  • | Consultancy
  • | Digital construction technology
  • | Project and Site Management
  • | Software

SoftwareOne is a leading global technology provider. It empowers AEC firms to digitally transform their businesses with MTWO -- the world’s first 5D BIM construction cloud platform. MTWO connects all project stakeholders, processes, and data in one integrated platform, providing unparalleled collaboration and efficiency and boosting productivity up to 30%. The robust solution is highly configurable with 100+modules that address every phase of the building lifecycle and an open API that seamlessly integrates with other business critical solutions. MTWO helps businesses lay a sustainable, long-term digital foundation, while winning work, increasing efficiencies, mitigating risk, and reducing their environmental impact.


41-47 Hartfield Road
United Kingdom
SW19 3RQ
United Kingdom
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