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London Build

Stacy Hunte

  • | Sustainability in Construction Ambassador
I am the Co-founder at Thoth London, a climate tech and sustainability company focused on energy security, water resilience, ESG and sustainable construction. My journey is defined by a deep commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions. I've earned multiple certifications in green infrastructure, living wall design, biodiversity and have been honoured as a finalist for various awards in property, construction and sustainable development. My expertise lies in developing and executing innovative systems, services and strategies to help our clients realise their environmental and social goals, including achieving net-zero carbon emissions, biodiversity net gain whilst designing smart cities, optimising water usage and enhancing health and well-being. I lead a team of dedicated sustainability professionals who leverage real-time data, digital twins, smart sensors and blockchain technology to elevate our projects. My ultimate mission is to provide an end-to-end solution to drive a sustainable future for the construction industry and our planet.

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