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Vento is a software and consultancy company specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) field.

VENTO AEC boasts its innovative capabilities across four key applications:

  • Wind Load Determination: accurate assessment of wind loads on buildings and structures
  • Pedestrian Comfort: ensuring optimal comfort in open urban spaces
  • Building Physics Analysis: in-depth study of HVAC systems
  • Risk Analysis and Fire Safety Engineering: evaluation and prevention of potential risks

What sets VENTO AEC apart is its proprietary "non-conformal grid" technology, enabling seamless interaction with the BIM environment. Unlike traditional approaches, VENTO AEC can directly import IFC models without the need for simplification. The result? Up to 95% reduction in pre-processing time and costs, coupled with tailored post-processing. Harnessing the power of CFD modeling, VENTO AEC offers a multitude of benefits, including cost savings in building materials, enhanced value in urban planning projects and support for LEED and WELL certifications.


Viale la Plaia 15
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