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London Build

22 Oct 2019

Automatic flood barrier offers hope to threatened home-owners

Automatic flood barrier offers hope to threatened home-owners
Sustainability consultant Accelar has teamed up with Danish company Floodframe to test the market in the UK for its patent-pending automated flood protection system.

An innovative Danish company seeking to expand internationally has partnered with Accelar to investigate the market for its flood protection system, Floodframe, in the UK.

FloodFrame consists of a heavy-duty waterproof cloth installed around a property to providing a hidden permanent barrier. Aimed at home-owners, it is concealed in a linear container, buried around the perimeter, about a metre from the building itself.

It activates automatically when the water level rises. If flood waters rise, the mechanism automatically activates, releasing the cloth from its container. As the water level rises, its pressure causes the cloth to unfurl towards and up around the walls of the building being protected.

The FloodFrame flood protection system was developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and Danish Hydraulic Institute. It has been installed at various properties across Denmark, where prices start at '295 per metre (excluding VAT).

Accelar will assess the potential for Floodframe among different parts of the property and infrastructure sectors in the UK and seek supply chain opportunities.

Floodframe chief executive Susanne Toftg'rd Nielsen said: 'The development of FloodFrame was sparked by the devastating floods in the UK in 2013/14. Since launching onto the Danish market in 2018, we have worked with concerned individual homeowners, who wanted to protect their homes from yet another flood. We think that FloodFrame can be an effective solution for the many homeowners in similar situations in the UK.'

Accelar managing director Chris Fry added: 'There is no doubt about the need for cost effective adaptation and resilience solutions as part of our response to a changing climate. We are delighted to be working with Floodframe to pinpoint how, where and when their innovative product could best fit in.'


Source: The Construction Index

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