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London Build

03 Oct 2018

Exclusive interview with BASF

Exclusive interview with BASF

What drives your innovative approach?

Our cities are continually growing and will be home for two-thirds of the world's population by 2050. In many places, there is a genuine construction boom. What trends can be identified in this scenario? Are there materials that will make today's visions become tomorrow's construction reality?

Expensive building land often means that dwelling units are becoming smaller, yet the desire for aesthetics and comfort remain unchanged. This is why new highly efficient construction materials are needed to facilitate energy-efficient construction that also saves space. Increasingly, existing property is being converted and modernised at the same time. The upgrade of old buildings means not only the preservation of the existing fabric but also the opportunity to set new standards ' regarding both energy efficiency and the use of new materials. Novel insulating materials like SLENTEX' permit highly efficient acoustic and thermal insulation without any appreciable loss of living space, thus offering customised climate management for all construction projects.


How is SLENTEX used?

SLENTEX is the material of choice for a variety of construction applications. Historical building or cutting-edge architecture, in both cases SLENTEX allows for a high degree of design freedom by adding a minimum of insulation thickness together with a maximum of fire safety. For fa'ades under monument preservation, building elements such as balconies, entrance and transition areas, thermal bridges and uneven masonry: SLENTEX' can be used ' even in areas where other insulation materials reach their limits. Existing structures can be used, to replace the prior insulation with a non-burning solution, e.g. under rain screen cladding.

Since 2018, SLENTEX is commercially available, and BASF has already started the global roll-out, featuring pilot projects in Europe, Asia and the US. At London Build this innovation will be presented to the British construction community for the first time, seeking to realise pilot projects with local partners.

Especially urban centres such as London, with leading architectural developments as well as premium historical, built volumes, require new solutions to solve the construction challenges of the future. Increasing demand for affordable residential property driven by an unprecedented growth of population and the global trend towards urbanisation will further limit the availability of space.

Offering material solutions such as SLENTEX, construction can contribute to energy saving for more sustainable living and propose new design possibilities for architects, planners and builders. Building and living sustainably today creates scope for further developments.

Located in Germany, with a local subsidiary in Alfreton, U.K, BASF is actively engaging in new partnerships to promote the novel high-performance insulation material throughout Great Britain.

First opportunities have been identified; to be followed by many more in the future. Because visionary architects and engineers want to shape future homes without being constrained by functional requirements and the character of materials, BASF is now offering the high-performance insulation material that represents an excellent package of qualities for the construction challenges of the future.


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