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07 Apr 2022

Heat Pump Association Receives '30M Investment

Heat Pump Association Receives '30M Investment
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Heat Pump Association (HPA) receives '30M investment in British heat pump manufacturing from the UK Energy Security Strategy.

As part of the Heat Pump Investment Accelerator Competition, the'HPA'has received a '30M investment from the'UK Energy Security Strategy'to accelerate the production of heat pumps.

The UK is falling behind with heat pump installations

Heat pumps may be a predominant technology in other countries but the'UK is lagging behind. Despite the government's promise to boost installations in the UK,'work needs to be done to ensure that milestones are met.

The HPA is the leading authority on heat pump technology and has been calling on the government to accelerate production. This means improving the UK's supply chain and removing barriers to installation.

With the '30m investment, it is hoped that more will be done to make technology widely available across the UK. The full strategy will be published later today.

'The electrification of heat enables energy security'

Chair of the HPA, Phil Hurley, commented:

'In the context of the cost-of-living crisis and the tragedy in Ukraine, it has never been more important for heat pumps to be deployed at scale in UK homes, and we remain committed to collaborating with government and industry to make this happen.

'The electrification of heat enables energy security by giving choice to how electrical power is generated or migrated to renewable energy over time, and it's welcome to see this reflected in the Energy Security Strategy published today.

'Not only can heat pumps reduce carbon now but their benefits will increase over time as the grid continues to decarbonise.'

Source: PBC Today'