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London Build

13 Jul 2018

HS2 route and construction updates: The latest on UK's upcoming high-speed train

HS2 route and construction updates: The latest on UK's upcoming high-speed train

The HS2 route will cover London to Leeds - as construction continues we take a look at the most recent updates to Britain's upcoming high-speed rail network.'

Since being green-lit in 2012, a number of updates to the HS2 route, construction plans and station locations have been announced.

Britain's upcoming high-speed rail network, slated to be operational in initial areas by the end of 2026, promises to radically change the transportation system in the country.

As'similar rail projects have done in other countries, it's also expected to stimulate the economy through reducing commuter travel time, boosting regional connectivity and creating thousands of jobs.

Here is a breakdown of what the service will provide and the most recent updates concerning its progress.

What is HS2?

The UK's second high-speed rail line is estimated to cost '56bn and will transport passengers at speeds of up to 250mph.

Two new fleets of trains will run the service ' one solely for the HS2 network and another smaller fleet, which will also be compatible with existing train stations in Carlisle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Preston, Sheffield and York.

HS2HS2 route map

While the first train journeys on the HS2 route are scheduled to begin in 2026, phase 2b ' connecting Crewe to Manchester and the West Midlands to Leeds ' will not be completed until 2033.

Obstacles to the project range from a potential lack of demand and the environmental damage involved with building another national rail line to the potential exacerbating of the North-South divide if HS2 encourages more people based in the regions to commute to the capital for work rather than take jobs in their home cities.

Yet the potential draw of a much'shorter commute, as well as increased accessibility for the UK's biggest city, remains.

It will serve more than 25 stations, connect eight of Britain's ten largest cities and serve 30 million people ' almost half the population.

HS2 journey timesLondon to:

Toton, East Midlands: 51mins (new station)

Nottingham: 1hr 8mins (currently 1hr 44mins)

Derby: 1hr 11mins (currently 1hr 31mins)

Sheffield Meadowhall: 1hr 9mins (new station)

Sheffield: 1hr 19mins (currently 2hrs 5mins)

Leeds: 1hr 23mins (currently 2hrs 12mins)

York: 1hr 24mins (currently 1hr 53mins)

Newcastle: 2hrs 19mins (currently 2hrs 52mins)

Crewe: 55mins (currently 1hr 30mins)

Manchester Airport: 1hr 3mins (currently 2hrs 24mins)

Manchester: 1hr 3mins (currently 2hrs 8mins)

Preston: 1hr 24mins (currently 2hrs 8mins)

Liverpool: 1hr 36mins (currently 2hr 8mins)

Glasgow: 3hrs 38mins (currently 4hrs 8mins)

Edinburgh: 3hrs 38mins (currently 4hrs 23mins)

Birmingham to:

Toton, East Midlands: 19mins (new station)

Nottingham: 36mins (currently 1hr 13mins)

Sheffield Meadowhall: 38mins (new station)

Sheffield: 48mins (currently 1hr 11mins)

Leeds: 57mins (currently 1hr 58mins)

York: 1hr 3mins (currently 2hrs 10mins)

Newcastle: 2hrs 7mins (currently 3hrs 14mins)

Manchester Airport: 32mins (currently 1hr 44mins)

Manchester: 41mins (currently 1hr 28mins)

Preston: 53mins (currently 1hr 31mins)

Liverpool: 1hr 36mins (currently 2hr 8mins)

Glasgow: 3hrs 22mins (currently 3hrs 57mins)

Edinburgh: 3hrs 14mins (currently 4hrs 1min)

Heathrow via Old Oak Common to:

Birmingham Interchange: 53mins (currently 2hrs 13mins)

Manchester Airport: 1hr 18mins (currently 3hrs 24mins)

Manchester: 1hr 23mins (currently 3hrs 8mins)

Toton, East Midlands: 1hr 6mins (new station)

Sheffield Meadowhall 1hr 25mins (new station)

Leeds: 1hr 38mins (3hrs 12mins)



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