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23 Aug 2019

New rules for London's skyscrapers favour pedestrians

New rules for London's skyscrapers favour pedestrians

With a very bold and pioneering move,'the UK'for the first time is prioritizing cyclists and'pedestrians. The city is making pressures on skyscrapers by issuing new rules on the design of the high-rises in order to prevent the creation of wind tunnels.

The reason behind the drawing of these new regulations is due to concerns that skyscrapers are generating wind tunnels capable of knocking over cyclists and'pedestrians. The City of'London Corporation had declared that the new guidelines were not in response to any particular incident. Nevertheless, the English skyline has recently integrated a couple of buildings with important heights like the'Leadenhall Building'and the 39-story Walkie-Talkie. 6 new additions are under construction and 7 are receiving planning consent, with heights ranging between 78- 305 meters.

Reports started surfacing after 'the Bridgewater Place tower has caused multiple road closures and the death of a pedestrian when a truck was blown over,' and the'Walkie-Talkie's shape, completed in 2014, resulted in reflecting powerful sun rays on the streets, and wind conditions in the surrounding streets were reported unstable. A lot of cyclists have also allegedly experienced problems in Bishopsgate, the site of the 230-meter Heron Tower, the City's tallest completed skyscraper.

These new sets of rules dictate that developers provide safety assessments of how people on street level will be affected by their buildings, using detailed scale models and computer simulations. The City of'London'will also reduce the level of tolerable wind conditions and classify anything more than 8 meters per second (18mph) as uncomfortable. More tough guidelines include assessment of wind impacts at the very beginning of the design development, and additional checks for exposed spots near the Thames, or near schools, parks or hospitals.

Source: ArchDaily

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