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22 Jul 2022

Newcastle City Council Partners With Equans on '27M Decarbonisation Works

Newcastle City Council Partners With Equans on '27M Decarbonisation Works

Decarbonisation works will make key public buildings across Newcastle more energy efficient thanks to a partnership between the City Council and EQUANS and '27m of government funding.

Newcastle City Council has partnered with EQUANS to implement'decarbonisation works across the city in public buildings. The council successfully secured '27m in funding through the government's'Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

Work is currently being carried out at Blandford House, home to the Discovery Museum, Newcastle City Library, the Civic Centre and East End Pool, while a further'six schools will also benefit from upgrades.

All the projects are expected to be completed this year.

Decarbonisation works include low carbon heating, solar panels, LED lighting and improving insulation

Gosforth Pool, Walker Activity Dome, YHN House, the Palatine Products building, Fenham Library, the Pattern Shop and Newcastle Trampoline Park have all been upgraded with heat pumps and solar panels.

A new heating system, heat pump, solar panels, new windows and insulation have been installed at the Theatre Royal's Royal House.

Four city centre car parks have had LED lighting upgrades and solar panels have also been installed at nine schools.

Installing solar panels'means buildings will be powered by clean, renewable energy, helping to reduce the reliance on expensive energy from the national networks.

Heat pumps are normally three times more efficient than gas boilers, helping to save money and improve air quality.

Reducing running costs as well as reaching'net zero

Tim Wood, director of Sustainability & Innovation at EQUANS, said: 'We are proud to be working alongside Newcastle City Council as it makes significant strides to reduce the carbon emissions of the city.

'Through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, some of Newcastle's most iconic landmarks will be upgraded with high-tech energy and heating systems, showcasing EQUANS' innovative solutions focused on delivering an environmentally-friendly future.'

Cllr Jane Byrne, Newcastle City Council's Connected City Cabinet member, said: 'Buildings are one of the biggest sources for carbon emissions so taking action to retrofit these sites is an important step towards creating a more sustainable future for our residents.'

'When all the work is complete, these projects will remove over 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year ' the equivalent to taking over 2,800 cars off the road ' while saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in running costs for the buildings per year. These improvements will really help towards achieving our ongoing target to become net zero by 2030.'

Source: PBC Today'