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04 Oct 2018

Exclusive interview with CLOCS

Exclusive interview with CLOCS

We asked Derek Rees, Chief Executive of SECBE and Project Director of CLOCS about their award entry and why they think they should win. Here's what he told us.

What is CLOCS and what are its aims?

CLOCS is an industry body comprised of over 600 organisations that are CLOCS'Champions and representative of all key stakeholders responsible for planning, purchasing and delivering construction projects ' regulators/planners, clients, principal contractors and vehicle operators.
Together, CLOCS Champions have developed the national industry Standard that'requires construction to take responsibility for health & safety beyond the hoardings. The CLOCS Standard demands collaborative action to prevent harm to community members particularly from'fatal or serious injury collisions between vehicles servicing construction projects and people ' particularly pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.
Implementing the CLOCS Standard will prevent the 500 deaths or serious injury collisions with HGVs every year on Britain's roads.''In 2016, 121 people died in those collisions ' that equates to 4 x more than the deaths on UK construction sites.''

What drives your innovative approach?

The CLOCS Standard defines simple actions required of all clients/site operators to ensure their construction logistics operations require and enable only the safest vehicles and drivers to service their sites by providing the right commercial and physical conditions.''The Standard concurrently defines requirements on all fleet operations to ensure vehicles have the right safety equipment, that drivers are trained on Safe Urban Driving and that companies have quality management systems and investigate and report serious collisions.
Local Planning Authorities can implement CLOCS to manage the risks associated with increased demand for housing and infrastructure and many more people on the streets.''Incorporating CLOCS into policies and planning conditions and especially Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) will reduce risk of harm to communities.
Gaining momentum is quickly moving CLOCS champions from a 'community of the willing' to a 'community of the doing'.''Corporate Implementation Plans invoke a rigour of progressive action towards compliance, and commitment to have at least 20% of sites CLOCS reviewed against the compliance checklist means that an effective and robust Standard is being widely adopted.


Why do you deserve to win?
Existing CLOCS champions should be recognised for their pioneering work and commitment to saving lives, reputation and money.''Winning an award is not only a way of recognising all the hard work that has already taken place but crucially a great platform for wider awareness of a national problem and adoption of a single recognised standard to eliminate construction activity causing harm to communities.


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