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17 Aug 2023

UK to use AI to Cut Carbon Emissions

UK to use AI to Cut Carbon Emissions
Image Credit: Tung Nguyen from Pixabay

The government has announced nearly £4 million of funding for green innovations.

AI solutions are set to receive funding to accelerate industrial decarbonisation and transform the way industries cut their carbon emissions.

Twelve green AI initiatives are to receive a share of £1 million to decarbonise and boost the generation of renewable energy.

Schemes include solar energy improvements, that use AI to improve the forecasting of when it will best produce energy for the grid, and the decarbonisation of dairy farming through the use of AI robots monitoring crop and soil health.

There will even be a project looking at how AI itself can reduce its carbon footprint, by developing hardware that will mimic the human brain so that a computer can reduce power consumption when performing AI tasks.

Minister for energy efficiency and green finance Lord Callanan said: "We are unquestionably world-leading when it comes to advanced AI and our track record for decarbonisation.

"This unique position means we must now push the boundaries in how this technology can enhance our rapidly-growing clean energy sector.

"It’s projects like those announced today that will take us to the next step on our ambitious journey to becoming net zero, while boosting our energy security and creating a new wave of skilled jobs for the future."

Minister for AI and intellectual property, Viscount Camrose, said: "AI is delivering transformative change in the UK. These winning projects are yet another example of how we are tapping into our world-class research base and home-grown expertise to tackle one of the most pressing global challenges of our time.

"Whether backing projects to help us slash emissions or supporting research to revolutionise healthcare for patients, we’re harnessing the enormous potential of AI technologies to improve people’s lives."

Source: Government Business 

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