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03 Oct 2018

Exclusive interview with Bionova Ltd

Exclusive interview with Bionova Ltd

We sat down with Bionova Ltd and asked them to tell us about their award entry and why they think they should win!

Why did you select this award category?

Our application is founded on three main facts:
1. We need a holistic and scientific approach to building sustainability, and no methodology is currently more suited for this purpose than the Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment.'
2. To make LCA accessible to everybody it is essential to use a software that can automate the calculations and produce reliable, objective results that can be easily compared and give immediate information about the sustainability of a building project.
3. By making LCA easy and fast for non-experts, building sustainability can become a competitive advantage, and we can encourage carbon reduction worldwide.


What drives your innovative approach?

We submitted the application because we feel very few companies worldwide are doing as much as we are in making building sustainability easy, accessible, and profitable. By automating the Building Life Cycle Assessment, we allow designers, architects, and builders to have an immediate overview of their building's environmental impacts and make choices that reduce harm significantly over the whole life cycle. Our belief is sustained by numbers: our software is compliant with more than 30 Green Building certification schemes, is used in more than 40 countries all over the world, and we participate in efforts for embodied carbon reduction at a local and international level with studies, reports, and speaking engagements for government bodies and other institutions. Moreover, One Click LCA is the highest rated LCA software ever for BREEAM, with a 100% Mat 01 rating. '


Why do you deserve to win?
As specialists in Building sustainability, we support construction and infrastructure projects from Canada to China, and our experts are engaged in efforts on building impact reduction in numerous organisations and committees.'

We think we deserve to win because there is no doubt that action against climate change must be taken and buildings cause 40% of carbon emissions worldwide. We help building experts worldwide to curb those emissions and create more sustainable buildings based on data-driven, scientific methodology that leaves no space for vague eco-labelling or greenwashing.'

Attending the Awards would help spread our mission even further and make a strong stance for sustainable choices that can be measured, assessed, and perfected in a matter of hours. It is time to act, and we know building sustainability cannot be achieved without automation and access to reliable and fast decision-making.'



For further information, please contact:

Lisa Carnwell
Marketing Content Manager
Costello Palmer Communications'
07511 037650

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