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Aamir Latief Wani

Aamir Latief Wani

Architect , DesArt Studios

I am a conservation architect based in Kashmir Valley, India. My firm DesArt studios, I have been involved in facilitating renewal and contemporary use of vernacular construction techniques and materials. My efforts have been directed towards aligning construction practices with the inherent fabric of a particular place that not only accentuates the identity of a particular geographical setting but also paves way for a more sustainable and culturally rooted construction practices that the masses are familiar with and hence increase societal participation in continuation of age- old practices.  


Before we talk of a future, of any kind, it is imperative we take a thorough look at what we lack in the present. Take a pragmatic stock of what are collective priorities are toady and foresee the inevitable challenges that our choices will bear tomorrow. An honest introspection will lead us to build a life with nature and not against it.