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Abbie Foy

Abbie Foy

Communications Assistant; ACE Network European Chair, Jacobs; Jacobs Disability and Carers Network, ACE

Abbie Foy is the European Lead for Jacobs Disability and Carers Network, ACE and a Communications Assistant for Jacob’s Field Solutions. In her day job she is responsible for communicating to an array of teams ensuring she to creates transparent, easily digestible and engaging comms. Abbie feels it is incredibly important to ensure that everyone has a voice and feels represented at work. This is also her key driver for leading the ACE Network, now reaching over 1000 members in Europe, Abbie’s goal is to ensure everyone who comes to work has equal access and opportunities. She leads a leadership team of 24 to increase visibility and awareness of different disabilities through events, creating information for line managers and supporting external clients. Abbie’s passion is to be a part of the change that see’s accessible workplaces as standard practice – not something that comes as an afterthought.