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Aidan Mercer

Aidan Mercer

Marketing Director, buildingSMART International

Aidan Mercer is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for changing the construction and infrastructure industry. As the Marketing Director at buildingSMART International (bSI), Aidan plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and collaboration within the sector.

With a deep understanding of the construction landscape and emerging technologies, Aidan has been instrumental in promoting bSI’s mission to standardize and digitize the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) and infrastructure industries. Aidan's strategic vision and leadership have enabled bSI to foster global partnerships, empowering stakeholders to streamline workflows, enhance sustainability, and improve project efficiency.

Aidan's career has been marked by a commitment to bridging the gap between technology and construction, advocating for open standards, and the adoption of openBIM. His efforts have not only elevated bSI’s global presence but have also helped the industry embrace digital transformation for a more sustainable and interconnected future. Aidan's experience in the construction and infrastructure industries has helped people better understand the role of open data standards and technology.