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Akua Agyei

Akua Agyei

Workplace Technology Solutions Lead for EMEA and APAC, CBRE GWS

Akua is a Workplace Technology Solutions Lead for CBRE GWS, where she plays a crucial role in expanding CBRE's Workplace Technology Solutions across EMEA and APAC. Her responsibilities involve identifying opportunities to optimise workplace efficiency, boost productivity, and improve employee experience through technology. She leads solutions design encompassing IoT devices and smart office applications, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. With a strong background in engineering, strategic planning, solution design, and project management, she brings a unique blend of technical expertise and leadership acumen to ensure successful technology implementations within diverse organisational settings. In her previous role, Akua served as the Global Program Manager for the Credit Suisse Security Replacement Programme, overseeing its successful completion, which significantly enhanced the Bank's security and operational efficiency. She also collaborated with CBRE Sustainability and Engineering teams to implement ESG initiatives across the Bank's operations. Additionally, Akua actively contributes to developing an Engineering Graduate Development Programme, addressing the Facilities Management Engineering skill gaps. She also mentors for TechUp Women, a program by Durham University focusing on upskilling minority groups for technology careers. Before joining CBRE, Akua gained valuable experience by deploying and managing cutting-edge technology solutions for companies like Berkley St Edwards, Vodafone, and Unilever.


"Equality signifies empowerment, freedom, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes. By advocating for equality, I contribute to society where women have the freedom to pursue their aspirations without limitations."