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Albena Atanassova

Albena Atanassova

Project Director, Design Delivery Unit

Albena is a Project Director at Design Delivery Unit, a Scott Brownrigg company offering premium executive architectural service. Since joining the company in 2014 she has worked on a number of high end residential schemes both client and contractors side, balancing the needs of a variety of stakeholders, while maintaining project goals and design vision. Her focus is on project efficiencies and multidisciplinary collaboration as to how we operate and deliver better designed, commercially successful developments.
An energetic advocate for change within architectural education and better support for future generations of architects Albena has helped set up the Apprenticeship scheme and regularly sits on RIBA validation boards for schools of architecture. She is also one of the founding board members of the Young Architects and Developers Alliance (YADA), championing stories of collaborative project teams, new working methodologies and drivers of business success within the construction industry.


I believe that finding common ground and celebrating diversity allows us to create something extraordinary: to foster different perspectives, change attitudes, improve the built environment, and, ultimately, create a better world one project at a time