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Alina Cornish

Alina Cornish

Assistant Social Value Manager, Mace

Being an ambitious and motivated young woman, I have always had a pure passion and focus to help those on a similar path. I think empowering women at all levels drives purpose and change within all industries. Helping others has always been the key ‘why’ in my career. 8 months ago I left the public sector working in the Welfare to Work industry. I had started my career in recruitment but decided I wanted to more people focused, this led 20 year old me into working for a government scheme around supporting individuals with health condition back into employment. This role taught me so many skills that I have continue to build on today. I then progressed into the Partnership Manager in our South London region managing their key stakeholder relationships. I have recently started working for Mace in their Social Value team, this is a role that provides me with my ‘why’ every single day. Alongside my role, I get to also implement inspiring and motivating young people and especially young women to enter the industry. I want to continue pushing boundaries and building a strong community of females, particularly those who do not come from privileged backgrounds into doing the same.


"Driving equality is important for me as I believe that you should not be defined by your gender, your age, the school you went to or where you grew up. Every single individual deserves the opportunity to push boundaries and reach their potential."