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Alison Newell

Alison Newell

Head of Business Operations, MiCiM Ltd

With almost 15 years’ experience in the construction sector I have seen a multitude of change, from personal aspirations to cultural and diverse changes in the market. I am passionate about creating and delivering high-quality output for all of our diverse audiences and clients. As the Head of Business Operations and Marketing at MiCiM, I oversee all aspects of the company's business operation including financial budgets, marketing, business processes, innovation, and systems; whilst leading the teams to ensure efficiency and productivity, for our client and staff satisfaction.
I also leverage my skills and expertise in media, social media marketing, and digital skills to promote and enhance the company's online presence and brand reputation.


MiCiM have always championed personal development and full supported my career choices in line with company requirements, as MiCiM have grown significantly over the past 7 years to enable us to continually improve and develop our inter-departmental collaboration and processes, I have been promoted to the operations board, a position giving me responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the business.