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Andrea Charlson

Andrea Charlson

Managing Director, Madaster UK

Andrea is a Chartered Environmentalist and Engineer who has been at the forefront of circularity in the built environment for 15 years. Specialising in the sustainability of the built environment, with particular expertise in the circular economy and how this applies to materials, structures and buildings, her work has covered both increasing the use of reclaimed materials and designing to facilitate future reuse. She has vast experience working in both the public and private sector, in an advisory, client and research capacity, and at all scales from industry-wide initiatives, to focussing on cities, projects, organisations and products. As HS2 Sustainability Manager, she developed the project's approach to circularity. Following this, she went on to explore further systemic enablers to circular construction through the EU Horizon 2020-funded CIRCuIT project at ReLondon. Building on this experience, she is now bringing materials passports to the UK, to transform how we value buildings and materials.


I believe that instead of being part of the problem, the built environment has the ability to provide spaces where life (of all species) can truly thrive and I want to do what I can to enable this. Too many materials are considered waste because we don't know enough about them to asses their value. By giving materials an identify through materials passports, not only can we better understand the impact of the choices we make today, we are also enabling future decisions to be based on accurate information, increasing the likelihood that the value will be preserved.