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Anna Piechocki

Anna Piechocki

Owner and Managing Director , Turner & Foye Surrey Ltd

At 20, I arrived in the UK, beginning a journey that led me through diverse professional experiences. My discovery of strong drive and leadership skills came during stints at various jobs. A pivotal moment occurred when I joined a DIY ladder and scaffolding company to work on exhibitions, traveling the UK. In two years, I became the top salesperson and managed my own exhibition stands. After starting a family and a part-time role as a market research recruiter, I joined a construction supplies company, initially in sales. Within two months, I was entrusted with the scaffold alarms department in addition to sales, working there for three years and also becoming a buyer, negotiating with contract managers daily. Transitioning to assist my husband in running his garden design company, I dedicated two years to this venture. The urge to build something of my own grew stronger, leading to the establishment of Turner and Foye with secured investments. As the owner of Turner and Foye, I continue my journey in the construction industry, excited about the opportunities it holds.


"Equality matters to me because I think everyone should have the same chances in life, no matter where they come from. It's about being fair and making sure people can achieve their goals and be treated with respect, regardless of their differences. I believe in a world where we all get along and appreciate each other's unique strengths."