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Anthony Hanna

Anthony Hanna

Head of Heritage , Ecus Ltd

I am a chartered archaeologist and built heritage professional with 30 years experience in archaeology, built heritage historic surveys sector. I have worked on the largest infrastructure projects in the UK including HS2, EW Rail Alliance and National Highways schemes from EIA / DCO applications for NSIPs to management of fieldwork projects including evaluations of landscape, buildings and large scale excavations. I am currently Head of Heritage at Ecus Limited and I am a full member of CIfA. For me the historic environment is a holistic process, it encapsulates below ground archaeology, historic buildings and monuments set within a multi-layered historic landscape.


A more sustainable future means a viable, liveable environment and the chance of a future for all our children and grandchildren. Heritage is about conservation and preserving the past for our understanding and use in the future. Many historic buildings were constructed to last, many historic building exist and ebb and flow with change of use and function, they adapt with good design. Good design comes with excellent understanding of previous construction with modern use and innovative technology.