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Ban Al-Hajjaj

Ban Al-Hajjaj

Building Information Manager, Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

As a Building Information Manager at Metropolitan Thames Valley, I apply my skills and credentials in project planning, people management, and organizational leadership to deliver high-quality outcomes for the social housing sector. With over two years of experience in the public sector in the UK, I have successfully spearheaded and executed various projects, ranging from digital transformation to embedding equality, diversity, and inclusion. My background in architecture, which I obtained from my bachelor's, supports me in painting the holistic canvas of a project, capturing the smallest details while viewing the bigger picture, prioritising project needs and guaranteeing project success. I am a multi-lingual professional, fluent in English, Arabic, and Kurdish, and driven to expand my professional horizons, further develop my management skills, and grow both professionally and academically.


"Driving for diversity is crucial to me because it represents a commitment to fairness, equal opportunities, and the celebration of individual uniqueness. Creating inclusive environments not only amplifies the voices of underrepresented communities but also broadens our collective understanding, fostering a more cohesive and compassionate society where everyone can thrive."