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Barbara Gryc

Barbara Gryc

Interior Designer, DesignStreetLondon

Introducing Barbara Gryc, a multifaceted professional known for her roles as an interior designer, color therapist, and mental health advocate. With a deep appreciation for the impact of color on well-being, she skillfully assists clients in choosing colors that enhance emotional balance and focus. Through her interior design work, Barbara creates spaces that serve as not only aesthetically pleasing havens but also as sanctuaries for mental health and relaxation. Her passion lies in helping people find solace and serenity in their surroundings, promoting not just beautiful aesthetics but also mental well-being. Barbara is a dedicated advocate for the therapeutic benefits of thoughtful design and color choices.


"I believe that mental health is the most important aspect of our lives- it dictates our creativity, productivity and energy levels in us. We should promote more awareness on that aspect and normalise this topic across all companies."